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Sylvia Day Summer of LoveSylvia Day's SUMMER OF LOVE once again closed to full houses and rave reviews! 

"Best show yet!"
"Sylvia Day has done it again!"

"We are consistently impressed by Sylvia's writing, acting, singing, musical and directing talents. Who knew one woman could do so much!" --My Girlfriend Guide to Zurich

SEPTEMBER 2015: ZUG. Sylvia will be performing the role of Squeaky Fromme in Stephen Sondheim's Assassins on September 4-13 with the English Theatre Group of Zug.

Sylvia Day 50 Shades of Day

OCTOBER 2015: NEW YORK. Sylvia will be performing "50 Shades of DAY!" on Saturday, October 3 at the highly acclaimed Theatre Row off-Broadway! Get your tickets now! (When booking, please provide festival name (United Solo Theatre Festival), name of theatre (Theatre Row - The Studio Theatre), day and time of show (Saturday, October 3 at 7:30 p.m.).


"Watching Sylvia perform is like watching a 'Best of SNL' show - where all the sketches are actually funny. She's great."

"Amazing talent"

“Sylvia Day is an outstanding comedian”



“Finally, a Christmas show worth seeing”

"(Sylvia is) a Saturday Night Live"

"The female Weird Al Yankovic"

"Sylvia Day IS comedy in Zurich!"

"Clever, witty, sophisticated humor"

"Loads of fun and laughter"

"You know you've seen a good show when your thoughts keep going back to it."


"We laughed our ***es off!"

"Thank you for the belly-aching laughs."

"I laughed about 10,000 times"

"Sylvia rocks!"

"Amazing show!"

"Thank you for making my cheeks hurt from so much laughter!"

"I am Sylvia 'DAZED'!"


"An unbelievably entertaining show!"

"Sylvia Day is an absolute diva, effortlessly slipping in and out of her many roles through the show, and gripping the audience with her musical talent. Her celebrity mimics are spot on!"

-- Read the complete review from My Girlfriend Guide to Zurich


"Sylvia is one talented lady. She inhabits her characters, giving them real resonance - and she has an uncanny ability to play intriguing people who are both real and really entertaining. She finds the poignant inside the hilarious, and plays a wide range of personalities with remarkable ease. She is a gifted storyteller with an eye for quirky character details that elevate the material and make you yearn to meet the people she portrays."

-- Andy Eninger, Head of Writing Program, The Second City

"Sylvia has a unique vision that deserves respect and attention."

-- Kim Clark, Former Head of Writing Program, The Second City


Read about Sylvia's inspirational career path in Swiss News, the international magazine of Switzerland.